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Comfortably navigating diverse sectors from Medical & Pharmaceutical to Fashion & Luxury, and Tech Start-ups to Retail & eCommerce. Our experience at spans a wide spectrum.

Versatile Expertise,
Targeted Solutions

At, our expertise is vividly displayed in the following categories, each symbolizing a unique story of digital and physical customer journey enhancement for our corporate clients. 

Precision Design, Strategic Impact

At, our expertise spans from revolutionizing patient admissions in top medical clinics to innovating pharmaceutical delivery systems. Our recent work with a German pharmacy chain highlights our ability to enhance patient safety and streamline medicine distribution, particularly for senior residences. By designing integrated web solutions and specialized blister packaging labs, we're redefining the patient journey in healthcare, focusing on safety, efficiency, and empathy.

Icon of a stethoscope, representing RELATIVITI's expertise in medical and pharmaceutical sectors.

Medical & Pharmaceutical's expertise in Luxury and Fashion is deeply rooted in our own brand creations. With Diebrill's luxury fountain pens and carbon fiber portfolios, Diebrill Street's trendy accessories, and Haus Pamper's premium pet gear, we've mastered the art of luxury. Our in-house ateliers and workshops reflect our commitment to artisanal craftsmanship. At, we don't just follow trends; we understand the true essence of luxury.

Premium, Fashion & Luxury

Icon of a stylized diamond, representing RELATIVITI's expertise in the fashion and luxury industries.

At, our journey in Luxury Hospitality & Hotel Management is marked by a blend of elegance and innovation. Under the creative leadership of Alejandro, we've partnered with esteemed names like Sheraton, Marriott, Crowne Plaza, Four Points, W Hotels, and the renowned Enjoy Casino in Chile. Our work is not just about providing services; it's about crafting experiences. By meticulously analyzing customer journeys across these diverse brands, Alejandro and his team have tailored their approach for each client, recognizing that each brand has its unique essence and audience. This has enabled us to deliver bespoke solutions that resonate with the high standards of the luxury hospitality sector. From enhancing guest experiences to streamlining operational efficiency, our commitment to excellence has been a constant in our multi-year engagements with these prestigious establishments.

Luxury Hospitality & Hotel Management

Icon of a service bell, symbolizing RELATIVITI's expertise in luxury hospitality and hotel management.

Partner with Us for Specialized Insight

Embark on a transformative journey with, where innovation meets creativity to redefine your brand's digital and physical presence. Our tailored approach blends cutting-edge design, strategic thinking, and a passion for excellence to turn your vision into reality. 

At, our proficiency in Coffee, Food & Beverages merges world-class hospitality experience with a passion for gourmet trends. Our founder's journey began in the 90's as a barista in California, cultivating skills in renowned coffee brands and five-star Silicon Valley establishments. This expertise fueled the creation of Caffe Motorino, a mobile luxury coffee store, showcasing our flair for innovative food and beverage solutions. Certified by the German Health Authority, we now proudly extend our services with coffeeakt, delivering bespoke coffee experiences to corporations. From crafting successful menus to conducting in-depth F&B analysis, our journey is a blend of tradition and innovation.

Icon of a takeaway coffee cup, signifying RELATIVITI's expertise in the coffee, food, and beverage industries.

Coffee, Food & Beverages

In the Retail & eCommerce sphere, customer journey is key. And is proud to have worked with top retailers and supermarkets in Latin America, mirroring our achievements in the hotel industry. We've expertly designed and enhanced customer journeys for numerous major players in these sectors. Our approach is tailored to the unique dynamics of retail and online commerce, ensuring that every strategy we implement not only aligns with our clients' goals but also sets new benchmarks in customer engagement and satisfaction.

Icon of a shopping bag, representing RELATIVITI's expertise in retail and e-commerce.

Retail & eCommerce

At, we're committed to empowering Tech Startups with innovative strategies and mentorship. Since 2018, our founder Alejandro has been a guiding force at Startplatz Accelerator, one of Germany's largest tech incubators. His pro-bono mentorship reflects our ethos of giving back to the community. Specializing in crafting exceptional customer journeys, Alejandro's novel methodology has been a cornerstone for numerous startups across sectors like mobility, environment, AI, fintech, and medical. His expertise in app and website wireframing has not only nurtured these startups but also transformed their digital footprint.

Icon of a smartphone, denoting RELATIVITI's expertise in technology and startups.

Tech Startups

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