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Remarkable Journeys

Alejandro Torres Frias stands as a beacon of innovation in the customer experience realm, having sculpted exceptional physical and digital journeys across healthcare, hospitality, retail, and digital landscapes among others. His bespoke strategies and transformative insights have consistently redefined the standard for user engagement, leaving a trail of success stories in his wake. From crafting intuitive service blueprints for Chile's leading clinics to mentoring tech disruptors in Germany's startup scene, Alejandro's holistic approach melds empathy with efficiency, turning every interaction into an opportunity for connection and every platform into a stage for customer delight.


Next-Generation Patient Journeys:
Amica Apotheken's Leap Forward

In 2022, as the world pivoted towards recovery, Amica Apotheken, inspired by innovation, embraced change. Partnering with the strategic insight of's founder, Alejandro Torres Frias, a thorough analysis of patient and caretaker journeys began, identifying the pivotal moments where improvement was paramount. The collaboration unveiled a groundbreaking service for senior residences and homecare patients alike.

The introduction of the Becher Blisters system, provided by a select European supplier, revolutionized the traditional pharmaceutical experience, offering a versatile dose packaging solution for both wet and dry medications. This innovation emerged from Alejandro's meticulous journey mapping, leading to the creation of Amica Medical Labs. This new business area, supported by an integrated website and a targeted marketing strategy, represents a remarkable leap forward, redefining patient care and streamlining the caretaker’s workflow, thus profoundly enhancing the healthcare journey for all involved.

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Digital Customer Journey
Architect with Tech Startups

Since 2018, our founder Alejandro Torres Frias has been a pivotal mentor at Startplatz, one of Germany's largest tech startup accelerators.

Specializing in digital customer journey optimization, user experience (UX) design, and user interface (UI) innovation, he employs his unique proprietary methodology to elevate countless tech startups in various industries into digital success stories.


His hands-on guidance in UX/UI analysis and customer journey mapping ensures that startups not only grasp but also master the art of creating engaging, intuitive, and conversion-driving digital platforms.

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Retail Resonance: Navigating the Language of International Trade

In the heart of Chile's port of San Antonio,  nationwide retailer La Polar faced the unique challenge of communicating with a diverse fleet of international ship crews that would come to multi-level store by the port while they were on land. 


Our founder Alejandro Torres Frias responded with precision, crafting a Retail Customer Journey Immersion Program in English that was as intense as it was effective. Condensed into a four-week sprint, the program utilized native-speaking educators and a bespoke Retail Kit, ensuring every team member was equipped to navigate the complexities of cross-cultural retail services. This initiative swiftly elevated La Polar's service, turning language barriers into bridges for customer journey satisfaction.

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Shaping Chile's National Training Initiatives

Our founder Alejandro's pioneering work in transforming customer service journeys through English proficiency caught the attention of those at the helm of Chile's progress—the government itself. His expertise and the accumulated success of his team's extensive training programs became the cornerstone of a national effort to elevate tourism services. 

Invited by the Department of Technology and Innovation and the Department of Tourism of the Government of Chile, Alejandro and his team played a crucial role in advising on the allocation of substantial grants for the tourism sector's workforce development.  His pro-bono consultancy was pivotal in structuring comprehensive bids that opened avenues for accredited universities and consulting firms to deliver large-scale, impactful training programs.

Through Alejandro's guidance, these initiatives not only boosted the English proficiency of countless workers in the hospitality industry but also fortified the infrastructure for ongoing educational excellence. His influence thus extended beyond immediate training endeavors to shaping long-term national policy for workforce development in tourism.

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W Hotels Santiago: Comprehensive Customer Journey Enhancement

At the cutting-edge W Hotels Santiago, Alejandro Torres Frias and his team embarked on a multifaceted mission to refine the guest experience through enhanced English communication journeys across all service touchpoints. Recognizing the intricate web of customer interactions, from the front desk to housekeeping, Alejandro and his team conducted in-depth analyses of each department's customer journeys.

This thorough examination led to the development of specialized training programs for each area, designed not just to teach English but to embed it into the very fabric of the hotel’s service culture. Food and beverage staff learned to anticipate the needs of a global palate, front desk personnel honed their capacity to engage with international travelers, while housekeeping ensured comfort transcended language barriers.

By empowering each department with the tools for effective communication and service excellence, Alejandro's tailored approach resulted in a cohesive, luxurious guest experience synonymous with the W Hotels' reputation for sophistication and style.


Four Points Santiago: Mastering the Art of Hospitality Communication

Alejandro Torres Frias took on the challenge of elevating the guest experience at Four Points by enhancing the communication skills of the Bar & Beverage staff. Recognizing the crucial role of fluent, confident interactions in creating memorable customer journeys, a targeted training program was implemented to infuse English proficiency within the heart of guest service.

This specialized program dissected and reconstructed the customer journey, identifying key moments of engagement where language proficiency was paramount. By equipping the bar and beverage team with a nuanced understanding of hospitality English, Alejandro ensured that every pour and presentation was accompanied by a seamless exchange, enriching the ambiance and satisfaction of a discerning international clientele.


Sheraton Santiago: Housekeeping Excellence Programs

In the prestigious Sheraton Santiago, housekeeping is more than a service—it's an experience. Understanding the pivotal role of immaculate environments in guest satisfaction, our founder Alejandro Torres Frias spearheaded a Housekeeping Excellence Program tailored to uphold the Sheraton's sterling standards. The initiative focused on meticulous service quality and intercultural communication skills, ensuring every interaction with guests was as spotless as the rooms.

Alejandro's approach involved comprehensive training sessions, development of practical guides, and a sustainable mentorship framework to continually elevate the housekeeping team's expertise. This program not only enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of the service staff but also enriched the guest experience, contributing to the hotel's reputation for excellence—a standard that has been maintained and celebrated for years.


Dining Dialogues: Crafting Service Excellence at Crowne Plaza Santiago

At the bustling intersection of global travel in Santiago, the Crowne Plaza Hotel & Resorts grappled with a language barrier that distanced them from their international clientele. Our founder Alejandro Torres Frias stepped into this multicultural arena with a dynamic, hands-on approach. Through on-site, real-time training and the innovative 'Restaurant Kit', Alejandro and his team cultivated a language of service that transcended words, ensuring that every interaction was a seamless blend of professionalism and hospitality. This commitment to communication mastery turned Crowne Plaza's dining service into an exemplary model of customer service brilliance.


Revolutionizing Patient Experience:
Admision Department Journey

In the heart of Chile's premier ski destinations, Clinica Las Condes faced a critical challenge: bridging the communication gap between its medical staff and the influx of injured international skiers. Enter Alejandro Torres Frias, whose tailored training programs, bespoke educational materials, and the pioneering CliniKIT didn't just enhance understanding—they transformed emergency medical encounters into journeys of care, comfort, and efficiency. This initiative didn't just change the game for patient admissions; it revolutionized the entire customer experience.


Where Will Your Customer's Next Journey Lead?

In a landscape filled with choices, directing your customer's journey is key to standing out. At, 'Remarkable Journeys' isn't just a phrase – it's our commitment to crafting experiences that guide, engage, and resonate. We've demonstrated this through a diverse portfolio of engaging and strategic user experiences. Now, we're ready to collaborate with you. Let's map out a journey that not only leads your customers to you but also creates lasting connections. Contact us now to chart a course for success that truly reflects your brand's unique story.

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