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Method Magic

Mastering the Method:  The Art of Precision in Practice

Discover the transformative power of 'Method Magic'—a testament to our founder Alejandro Torres Frias's unparalleled expertise in refining processes to perfection. At RELATIVITI.IO, we celebrate a legacy of diverse methodologies that transcend domains. From pioneering English Training Systems to propelling the pulse of Italian motorsport prowess with Bimota's Racing Academy, and steering success at the creation of a Sailing Academy; every initiative is a narrative of methodical mastery. We engineer HR recruiting blueprints with the same precision that navigates you through the tempest of talent acquisition. Our foundation is built on the principle that method is not just a part of the magic—it is the magic.


Filtered Coffee Excellence: Crafting  Method with a Limited Footprint

The year 2015 marked an era of economic flourish in Santiago, and amidst this vibrancy,'s founder Alejandro Torres Frias was commissioned to conceptualize a mobile coffee shop that would redefine luxury. This wasn't just about serving coffee; it was about orchestrating an ultra-luxurious, efficient, and regulatory-compliant symphony on wheels. With meticulous attention to detail, Alejandro crafted a technical manual that became the blueprint of operational perfection.

From the precise millimeter placement of equipment to the streamlined layout designed for peak efficiency, every element was a testament to the potency of his 'Method Magic'. This ingenuity allowed for a bustling service capable of delighting a relentless stream of customers, all managed by just two skilled baristas. The result was a triumph of methodological prowess, where daily sales and customer satisfaction rivaled those of larger establishments, all achieved with a fraction of the staff. Indeed, this was the alchemy of method meeting luxury in the fast-paced world of coffee craftsmanship.


Velocity Vanguard: Crafting Racers with Italian Flair

In 2008, speed met sophistication when Alejandro Torres Frias fused his lifelong passion for motorcycling with the illustrious engineering of Italian icons Bimota & MV Augusta, in Chile. The result was a Racing Academy like no other — an exclusive training ground where committed amateur weekend riders transformed into racers.

Alejandro's comprehensive methodology — delivered through a sleek website and a meticulously designed suite of printed materials — offered a high-octane, luxurious learning experience. Tailored for the adrenaline aficionado, the academy's unique offerings catapulted Chile's elite into the thrilling world of professional racing, underpinned by the prestige and performance of Italy's finest motorbikes.

Skyscrapers Above Times Square at Dawn

Phonetic Frontier: Revolutionizing English for Professionals

Step into the realm of linguistic innovation with Alejandro Torres Frias's groundbreaking approach to English education. 'English at Work' is more than a learning technique; it's a revolutionary journey through a bespoke phonetic language crafted exclusively for industry professionals. Starting in 2005 and 2011, this novel method disrupted the English teaching landscape across Chile, transcending traditional barriers with custom materials, pioneering websites, and a dynamic e-campus experience.

The impact was so profound that English at Work, the enterprise embodying this disruptive methodology, was acquired by a prestigious Chilean university. This acquisition underscored the undeniable legacy of a methodology that has since replaced hundreds of thousands of hours of conventional instruction, setting a new standard in professional language education.


Resumé Reformation: Elevating Professional Narratives

In 2002, nestled within the dynamic cityscape of Santiago, Chile,'s founder Alejandro Torres Frias spotted an untouched horizon in the HR landscape—the stark disconnect between a professional's caliber and their self-marketing tools. In a visionary leap, Alejandro embarked on an exploratory quest through the U.S. market, gleaning insights into its audacious service offerings and premium pricing strategies.

The culmination of this extensive R&D was a robust, fail-safe methodology for crafting crisp, impactful content, matched with a professional aesthetic in resumé and cover letter design. The core of the service was the CEP "Cuestionario de Exploración Profesional," a face-to-face recorded interview designed to distill a candidate's essence. This innovative approach ensured that only the most compelling attributes were woven into their career narrative. In 2003, launched, ready to disrupt the Chilean HR industry with its pioneering service. Such was the impact that within two years, this trailblazing enterprise was acquired by an ambitious international startup, eager to integrate Alejandro's transformative methodologies into its global portfolio.


Crafting Future-Ready Methods: 
Are You In?

Unveil the 'Method Magic' with, where innovation meets functionality. Our approach is not just about aesthetics; it's a blend of creativity, practicality, and educational insights that transform ideas into effective solutions. From conceptualizing dynamic language schools to pioneering motorcycle racing academies, our portfolio reflects a diverse range of successful methodological innovations. Join us in this journey of discovery and excellence. Contact us now to turn your visionary methods into reality, and redefine the standards of your field.

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