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Brand Beacons

Navigate through 'Brand Beacons', where each logo is a story, an identity carved out of innovation and insight. From's metallic sheen to the diverse range of Specialized English Program or Motor Racing insignias, we've shaped visual identities that resonate and endure. The emblematic logo of Caffe Motorino stands as the fun side of our design ingenuity, just as the distinctive signatures of Amica Apotheken, Diebrill, and Diebrill Street epitomize elegance and clarity. Our portfolio is a mosaic of identities, each crafted to shine a light on the brand it represents, leaving a lasting imprint in the market.


Haus Pamper carries the emblem of luxury in every thread. The stacked 'HA'—etched in an ancient Romanesque font—stands tall, reflecting the brand’s roots in the historic grandeur of its founding villa. This iconic monogram marries the old-world charm with the meticulous craftsmanship of premium leather and fine brass. Each leash, collar, and harness is not just a product but a piece of art, wrapped in exquisite packaging that whispers tales of German luxury. Haus Pamper isn’t just a name; it’s a signature of opulence for the discerning pet owner.


Blue Office Wealth Management's identity is a paradigm of minimalistic elegance. The clean, blue lettering reflects a philosophy of transparency and trust, essential in the sphere of wealth management. The singular orange dot on the 'i' in 'Office' is a beacon of insight and innovation, symbolizing the unique spark of brilliance they bring to each client's portfolio. Rooted in Santiago's vibrant economic landscape, this brand, and logo, stand as a testament to the firm's commitment to guiding wealth with precision and foresight.


DIEBRILL STREET emerges as the avant-garde sibling to Diebrill, crafting its identity within the walls of luxury. Its logo speaks in a language of minimalistic sophistication—bold, capitalized letters in stark black proclaiming its presence. A statement of post-Covid fashion, it reflects the rebirth of luxury in the everyday, turning belts, bracelets, and chokers into statements of personal revival. Refreshing yet enduring, DIEBRILL STREET's insignia is a beacon for the connoisseurs of understated opulence—a brand that dresses the zeitgeist in the timeless.


Diebrill stands as a symbol of unyielding strength and exquisite refinement. Its logo, a profile of a lion's head, roars the legacy of the Duchy of Berg—proud, noble, and fierce. The split tongue harkens to mythical dragons and serpents, a nod to the storied past and the brand's daring spirit. 'Bergisches Land' anchors the identity, a stamp of authenticity and heritage. The capitalized lettering of 'Diebrill' is a showcase of luxury, with the 'B' artfully inverted to reflect its counterpart 'R', a subtle yet captivating visual twist that mirrors the brand's attention to detail and the impeccable craftsmanship of its fountain pens and leather goods.


AdZlap! delivers advertising with a twist, quite literally 'sticking' to the consumer's mind. The logo is a clever interplay of form and function with 'AD' in crisp white set against a blue backdrop, reminiscent of the familiar yet hinting at something novel. The blue dot, folded with an orange flair, instantly transforms into a sticker, embodying the brand's core service. 'Zlap' carries the momentum with a typography that’s both playful and assertive, culminating in an exclamation point adorned with an orange sticker-like touch. It’s not just a logo; it’s the embodiment of AdZlap!’s innovative approach to making every ad count.


Olympus Branding ascends above the ordinary with its stark, modern typography in dark gray, evoking the innovation of the space age. The logo’s centerpiece, an abstract 'O' formed by angled, mirrored scorpion tails, suggests an embrace around Mount Olympus' peak, symbolizing the height of branding ambition. A stroke of genius is the subtle blue accent—a dash on the 'Y' and a corresponding tip on one tail, providing a burst of inspiration and a signature flourish that sets Olympus Branding apart in the realm of visual identity.


Amica reshapes the narrative of health care with its name set in confident, space-age typography—a symbol of its commitment to cutting-edge wellness solutions. The logo's vibrant contours represent a new wave of pharmacy services—dynamic, diverse, and full of life. It’s not just a brand; it’s a beacon of friendliness and innovation in a sea of traditionalism, living up to its slogan 'Your Friendly Pharmacy' by making each interaction a personal and delightful experience. Green for growth, red for vitality, yellow for energy, and purple for the royal quality of care.


Caffé Motorino's logo is a playful homage to the essence of mobile indulgence. The jaunty, hand-drawn motorino bursts with character, viewed from an angle that adds life and movement. Its shadow cleverly morphs into the silhouette of a coffee cup with a lid, marrying the concepts of travel and taste. Cemmenting below, the 'Caffé' and 'Motorino' wordings are infused with the larger-than-life joy of a luxurious espresso adventure. The color palette of bright orange, fresh blue, and crisp white evokes a palate of warmth and freshness, inviting patrons to a unique journey of coffee discovery.

logo english for corporate communication.JPG
logo english for international communication.JPG
logo english for conversation.JPG

In the diverse tapestry of English at Work, this triad of programs shine with purposeful hues—blue for Corporate Communication, red for International Communication, and pistachio for Conversation. Each logo, distinct in color, shares the motif of the conversation bubble—a symbol of dialogue and exchange. Corporate Communication boasts a letter 'C', encapsulating the essence of professional discourse. International Communication's 'I' transcends borders, inviting global engagement. Lastly, the intertwining bubbles for Conversation highlight the seamless flow of everyday dialogue. Together, these icons stand not just for language proficiency but for the power of connection in every sphere of life.


2005 welcomed English at Work, a vanguard in language learning, poised to revolutionize the traditional with innovative methodologies. Its logo—a tricolor emblem of modernity, draws inspiration from America's vibrant corporate identity. 'English' in a metallic gray akin to the iconic Pepsi font, signals a classic, yet dynamic foundation. The word 'at' dots the canvas with white simplicity atop a red sphere, a playful pivot to the 'Work'—penned in a lively blue Staccato font that brings a human touch, a handwritten promise to every professional and organization aspiring to embrace the global language. Fresh, bold, and with a hint of the familiar, it's the brand that says: education isn't just foundational—it's transformational.


In the wake of the dot-com rejuvenation, the year is 2003 and emerged as a pioneer, etching its mark on the digital canvas of Chile's HR landscape. Its logo, a sleek metallic beacon, mirrors the cutting-edge spirit of the brand—bold, horizontal, and confident. 'Marketing' shines in white, a nod to clarity and new beginnings, while '' grounds the design in solid black, symbolizing the depth of professional gravitas. Together, they frame a promise: 'Tu Eliges'—a declaration that with us, you're not just searching for any job, you're in the driver's seat, selecting your future with precision.


Is Your Brand Story Unfolding as it Should?

Branding is part art and part strategy. We understand the power of a brand to tell a story, create a legacy, and extend its influence. Whether you're crafting a new brand, rejuvenating an existing one, or branching out with a sub-brand, our expertise guides you through every step. We tailor unique brand identities that resonate deeply with your audience and stand the test of time. Let's collaborate to unveil the full potential of your brand. Contact us now to begin your brand's transformation.

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